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Privacy Policy

HOMEPrivacy Policy

About handling of private information

Collection of private information
The normal contents on this website can be used without revealing your private information.
However, we sometimes ask for the disclosure of your information such as your name, address, phone number or e-mail address, in contacting us or other, according to necessites. ※ Be aware of the possiblity of your email address to be stolen by a willful third party while your email is being sent.
Use and custody of personal information
The personal information collected will be used only within the scope clarified beforehand; except for the cases we obtain the approval of the user, we won't use or disseminate one other than for the specific purposes.
Private information protection policy
Our clinic is aspirng to the trusted medicine and daily struggling for the effect of treatments to increase and for our patients to be able to receive high-quality medical treatments.
As to "personal information of our patients", we think it is very important to protect it and have it in custody properly. For this, our clinic will stipulate the following private information protection policy and strive to observe it.

#1 About collection of private information

When our clinic collects our patients' private information, we will do so only within the scope concerning examinations, treatments, and nursing of our patients. If we are to use private information for other purposes, we will notify the purpose of use in advance to gain your approval. We will do so when we need private information on website, too.

#2 About use and dissemination of private information

Our clinic won't, concerning the use of our patients' private information, use one beyond the scope of original purposes except for the following cases:
# When we obtained your approval
# When we can't identify or specify the individual, process and use one (1)
# When related laws or other demand that we disseminate
Our clinic won't disseminate, without your approval, your personal information to a third party (2) except for the cases related laws so stipulate.

#3 About proper custody of private information

Our clinic will, concerning our patients' private information, keep it in the latest state and strive to prevent the leakage, loss, damage, or falsification of or unauthorized access to our patients' private information.

#4 Contact desk

For questions concerning our clinic's private information protection policy or your private information, we will receive those at the contact desk below:

Contact desk for our patients

Tel 072-458-7200
Hours 9:00~12:00 15:00~19:00 19:30~22:00

#5 Observation of related laws and improvement of the framework of private information proctection

Our clinic will observe the related laws and other rules concerning private information protection in Japan as well as regularly review clauses above to constantly improve the framework of private information protection. Sasayuri Clinic
[ Note ]
#1 By "process" it means not just making information anonymous by deleting information such as an individual's name only but placing it in the state not to be able to be specified by any means.
#2 "Third party" means someone other than the sender of information and recipient of it (this business), or an organization or individual for whom the information is not fitted for the purpose of use or who is not permitted to use by the sender.
#3 This policy will be applied not only to the private information of our patients but also to ones of our staff or all the individuals related to our hospital.
Framework of private information
Our clinic will, concerning our patients' private information, use it just for following purposes and strive to handle safely. If you have any questions, contact the desk for patients mentioned above. The purposes of use of our patients' private information in our clinic are:
[ Uses inside the hospital ]
#1 For medical services provided to our patients
#2 Concerning medical insurances
#3 Concerning accounting
#4 For reporting of medical accidents or other
#5 For improving medical services to our patients
#6 For studying intra-hospital examples of symptoms for the purpose of improving the quality of our medical services
#7 Other operations relating to our patients
[ Uses outside the hospital ]
For tying up with other hospitals or pharmacies
#1 For answering inquiries from other hospitals or other
#2 For asking for advices of external doctors or other to better examine our patients
#3 For outsourcing medical tests or other
#4 For explaining symptoms to the family members of our patients
#5 For outsourcing insurance-related clerical jobs
#6 For providing medical practitioners' receipt to institutions in charge of approval / payment
#7 For answering inquiries from such institutions or insurers
#8 For consulting or reporting to specialized organizations or insurers concerning medical professional liability insurance
#9 For other concerning medical insurances for our patients
[ Other uses ]
#1 For basic materials to maintain / improve our medical services and operations
#2 For providing information to outside auditing institutions
# If you have a clause among those above you cannot agree to concerning providing information to other hospitals, tell us at the desk.
# If you don't, we will treat it as your agreement.
# Those askings you make can be anytime revoked or changed.