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Nowadays, the increase in lifestyle diseases is becoming a big social problem. Especially, the heart disease, cerebral apoplexy and cancers have become the three top causes of death of Japanese, with their early detection and prevention being the important issue.

Japan after the end of the last world war has transformed itself into a society where its nationals can assuredly receive medical examinations / treatments based on the health insurance system newly established, rendering the average life span the longest in the world.

In reality, however, Japan is not the "healthy" long-living country with the number of people bedridden or with senile dementia increasing.

What will be needed in Japan like this in the future? As I daily faced cancers, my patients, and their family members as an gastroenterological surgeon, I thought about this question for myself. I felt that the difference in the health level until one gets afflicted with a disease would lead to a great difference.

I've figured that it is more desirable for the number of people who are more intent on "heightening the health while they are still healthy" than on "beginning the treatment once they get afflicted with a disease" to increase.

While I understand that there are many who care about exercising, diet, or supplements to "maintain their health and enjoy living" or gain "super-health" (very energetic with a bright smile), I think there should be many who are vaguely anxious over their current state of health, too.

Sasayuri Health Clinic provides various health checkups as well as cancer examinations, shots for beauty care that support your health, IV (intraveneous drip), restoring / growing hair, or laser hair removal as self-funded medical treatments.

We also make proposals for the daily-life improvement or support the physical constitution improvement and metabolism promotion.

For you to stop by at us on the way back from work or on days off, our opening hours are: until 22:00 on weekdays; Saturdays (whole day); and Sundays also (at night). In addition, the breast cancer examination by female doctors has been also introduced with our concept being to asipire to a clinic that stands on the level field of those who receieve medical examinations / treatments. Furthermore, to make your healthy life more wonderful, courses for medical aesthetics or growing hair have been also prepared for you. Health and beauty spirited like "Sasayuri" (bamboo lilly) to you everyone.



I established this hospital in the land of Izumisano, close to the Kansai International Airport, in April 2016.

Thus far I have dedicated myself to clinical medicines centered around gastroenterological surgery, breast (mammary gland) surgery, and general surgery with a wide rage of knowledge.

I feel that not only "treatments once you are afflicted with a disease" but also "the health care not to get afflicted with a disease in the first place or the early detection / treatments while you are still healthy" is important.

I will move on to strive to be able to contribute to the sound and healthy life of as many of you.

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2009Oita University, Faculty of Medicine, graduated
2009Initial clinical training at Kobe University Hospital
2011Surgeon at Kobe City Medeical Center West Hospital
2014Esophageal / gastric surgeon at Kobe University Hospital
2016Opened Sasayuri Health Clinic

Medical specialists / qualifications

  • Japan Surgical Society, medical specialist
  • Mammography reading doctor
  • JATEC provider
  • TNT certificate

Academic associations

  • Japan Surgical Society
  • The Japan Society of Gastroenterological Surgery
  • Japan Surgical Association
  • Japan Society for Endoscopic Surgery
  • Japanese Breast Cancer Society
  • Japanese Society for Abdominal Emergency Medicine
  • The Japan Society of Coloproctology
  • The Japanese Society for Regenerative Medicine
  • Japanese Society of Anti-aging Medicine
  • Japanese Gastric Cancer Association
  • Japan Society of Clinical Oncology,