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Laser Facial

Medical laser to troubling fleck

Laser Facial

The latest device made in U.S, Gentle Lase

Gentle Laze is a lazer for treating skin's benin-pigment symptoms where its long-pulse alexandrite lazer wil affect the parts that contain a lot of melanine, a safe medical device authorized by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.
Gentle Laze has DCD system which protects the surface of skin with cooling gas, entailing no pain or down time, mildly diminishing fleck such as sunshine-induced pigment (senile pigment), dullness or darkening of skin. Its spot size is fairly large as 18mm with little energy loss of light energy by diffused reflection, with the treatment of a wide range of skin within a short period time enabled.
It is irradiation treatment that will irradiate alexandrite lazer with the wavelength of 755mm that sharply reacts to melanine to the whole face with low output to make the whole face grow young.
It will cure thin fleck, overall dullness, and darkening of pores safely for skin of Japanese that has high melanine activation.

The effects and characteristics of laser facial
  • Improvement of fleck, fleckle, or dull skin
  • removal of darkening at pores
  • removal of downy hair
  • improvement of acne
  • beauty-skin effect (resilience and radiance)
  • suduing pigment after inflammation (burning / bug bite)
  • subduing pigment caused by atopic dermatitis

There is no "down time" (a period of time your daily life will be hampered after a treatment) like scab or temporary pigment that has to be covered with adhesive plaster for this treatment; the biggest advantages are that usual makeups are possible after this treatment and that no one around you will notice you are receiving a treatment.

Inside your pores will be in the state of light burning, which won't leave pain or traces; repeated treatments will beget proper heat reaction starting the growth of collagen fiber, with the tone of you skin as well as pores tightened up, and radiance and resilience heightened, for you to be able to feel the beauty-skin effect.

Gentle Lase's pulse wave is long, affecting the melanine of hair matrix on true skin to give out a good hair-removal effect.

Duration and effect

Repeated treatments implemented every 1 month will make your fleck dense in the beginning harder to be seen like thin skin after sun-tan peeling off for you to also feel dullness disappearing. When the overall tone of your skin is starting to be white after treatments repeated 5-6 times, downy hair also will be hard to be seen, pores will be tightened up for you to feel your skin is changing to be smooth one.

In addition, introducing growth factor used in chemical peeling (Tox peel) after such treatments will further enhance the activeness of your skin for you to feel the resilience of your skin and improvement of flek. For maintenance, 1 irradiation per 3-4 months will be able to keep the beauty-skin effect.

Effects and characteristics of local irradiation

Will irradiate laser with stonger output only to the part with densely-colored fleck without cooling gas.

Anesthetic tape will be put in advance to mitigate your pain.

Receiving the treatment will cause scab or temporary pigment; down time such as protecting with plaster will take about 2 weeks; afterwards the part with pigment like scab will come off for new skin to replace.

One irradiation only will make your fleck fairly thin, but another fleck might appear on the same place later, called "back fleck".

The difference between laser treatment (Gentle Lase) and Photo Facial!

There is Photo Facial that likewise does not have down time and can cure fleck and dullness. It is a beauty-skin treatment device that utilizes the bundle of many wavelenghs of light called pulse light.

It also reacts to redness and is mild in reacting to the black of melanine and thus it can even cure chloasma by adjusting output.

Gentle Lase, on the other hand, is the laser that has the wavelength that reacts sharply only to blackness, to be irradiated for the improvement of fleck or darkening or the purpose of hair removal.