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Photofacial M22

Potofacial M22

Do you have skin troubles?

skin troubles

At the same time improve problems such as age spots, freckles and skin clinic introduction photo facial M22 effect can be expected.
-By irradiating the gentler light over the entire face, and face is built up in a flesh-colored uniform swings by eliminating the naturally beautiful skin.

M22 is a lumenis's latest skin rejuvenation

Evolution from a traditional photo, with 6 kinds of wavelengths. It becomes possible to treat patients and one person perfectly suits.

Turnover of skin

By combining the various color and skin problems to choose from six types of wavelength wavelength light therapy effectively.
Also activated fibroblast cells produce the skin collagen, such as active substances by this work, beautiful skin is created naturally from the inside.

Everyone skin is different.

Hospital so happy with all of the patients was carried out their own irradiation doctor, will continue to set the finely wavelength irradiation by looking at the state of the patient per person per person of your skin

Photo Facial M22 has six different wavelengths and can change the wavelength of the epidermis, dermis, subcutaneous tissue and light from the stratum corneum of the skin surface, so custom made treatment tailored to each individual's skin such as spots, freckles, dullness, sagging etc. Is possible.
You can acquire not only the translucency of the skin but also the skin with elasticity and elasticity.

Skin resilient

Effect of Photofacial M22


Metabolism declines with age, stains and freckles that pigments can deposit. It is a treatment to raise melanin metabolism at the wavelength that reacts to melanin pigment and to reduce spots and freckles.

Rejuvenation/Skin Treatment

Because collagen fibers and fibroblasts are activated, plump and Hari revives from the inside of the skin, and the skin is put out, and texture is straightened, and the skin effect can be expected. Fine, sagging pores, and wrinkles are also improved.
Because the noticeable function is higher than the conventional facial, you can also improve the sluggish and sagging of the face line.

Acne scars

It is effective in pigmentation such as acne scars, and can damage only the melanin which causes the pigmentation as well as the stain and freckles.

Ruddy Face/Telangiectasia

The red is usually a state in which the capillary is extended due to something that is not visible, increases the amount of blood, and causes hot flashes and redness in the face.
Facial M22 has the effect of damaging and improving hemoglobin, which is the cause of red and capillary expansion diseases.

Facial M22 's five Promises


It doesn't hurt your skin.

Because light reacts only to the target, it does not injure an important skin.


There is no burden on the skin

Because it can do light treatment only for spots and reddish parts, there is little burden on your skin.


There is no hurt ※

Light stimulation is to some extent, there is little pain during treatment, it is a warm feeling. ※ There are individual differences in actual feeling


There is no down time

It is possible to have make-up from immediately after treatment.


Not taken up your time

The irradiation time is about 20 minutes. (If you would like anesthesia, you will receive 30 minutes separately before treatment)


How long will the effects of Photo Facial M 22 last?
Spots and freckles will gradually become thinner by repeating the number of times.
About skin tightness and transparency lasts about a month. By receiving treatment once a month you can maintain skin's clarity and transparency.
Also, about 83% of people receiving IPL treatment (photo facial) have realized the effect after four years, according to research by Robert A. Weiss et al., John Hopkins Medical University Medical University, USA, USA And the proof of sustainability of the effect of IPL treatment (photo facial) was proved.
Daily skin care and maintenance irradiation such as UV protection measures and moisturizing are important.
Can I receive treatment even during pregnancy?
I'm sorry. It is a delicate period during pregnancy, so we do not recommend it. Because there are many people who have darker liver spots, we are supporting nutrition, so please consult as soon as possible.
Because it may influence the fetus part of oral medicine, it becomes the treatment mainly for external preparation.
Does it not hurt during treatment?
Stimulus like playing a rubber band when light is applied, to some extent, there is little pain, it is a warm feeling. Although the part with thick spots and parts with spots is easy to feel a little hot, the photo facial M22 is tolerable because of its high contact cooling function.
The treatment is safe as it will be done with cold gel with a cool gel to protect your skin.
If you are uneasy about pain, please rest assured that you will be anesthetized with anesthesia cream.
Can it be used for parts other than face?
Photo facial M22 has effects not only on the face but also on spots on other parts such as decollete, back, armpits and legs.
Depending on the type of pigment, laser may be applied, so please contact us for details.


Please make an appointment to our hospital, please consult with phone or email form.

If the treatment is not received

● People with photosensitivity ● those who are fiercely sunburned ● those who are genuine keloids ● those who are taking internal medicine to enhance photosensitivity · those who have no treatment lesions on the skin ● those with a history of epileptic seizure Other Please consult about those who are uneasy about treatment history.