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Vitamin Treatment

HOMEMedical contentVitamin Treatment

Do you have such troubles?

  • Freckle and Skin Spot
  • Having an acne outbreak
  • large pores
  • fine lines

With vitamin treatment Spots, dullness, freckles etc. Let's improve your skin problems!

"Vitamin A" to keep your skin beautiful and healthy

What is necessary to keep skin condition normal? Among "vitamins" indispensable for the survival of living beings, especially "vitamin A" has a function to keep the function of the skin balance normal and care for the damage. In order to keep the condition of the skin and to remain healthy and beautiful forever, it is necessary that the inside of the body is always filled with "vitamin A".

About Vitamin Treatment

Our body is naturally filled with 'Vitamin A'. However, it is destroyed by ultraviolet rays which are exposed to the everyday and slowly deficient. Our 'vitamin treatment' delivers several kinds of vitamins, mainly 'Vitamin A' and 'Vitamin C', to the deep part of the skin by ion introduction with a weak current. Its penetration power is usually 50 to 60 times of coating. Various skin troubles that can not be improved by self care alone. 'Vitamin treatment' leads to healthy skin


Vitamin A 'which restores damage of your skin and intense infiltration of' Vitamin C 'with high whitening effect by removing active oxygen. It improves skin troubles such as spots and dullness caused mainly by ultraviolet rays, and keeps the original beautiful healthy skin. We introduce ions with alginate mask of seaweed mineral pretreatment with lid, so it is the best menu for dry skin as well as whitening effect. It is also recommended for the skin immediately after laser and peeling procedure.

Vitamin Treatment

In the latest of Photofacial, feel free to begin beautiful skin treatment

In our hospital, we introduce Luminous's photo facial 'M22'. The device further evolved from the conventional photo facial has six wavelengths optimum for various kinds of skin troubles. It is possible to carry out treatment according to each individual's troubles.

The doctor himself confirms the state of the skin of the patient firmly, sets the wavelength finely according to the condition of the skin, it will irradiate.