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Massage Peeling

HOMEMedical contentMassage Peeling

TCA (trichloroacetic acid) acts on the deep dermis,
beautiful skin treatment that improves skin tightness and fine wrinkles.
By working at the cell level, you can realize the effects you have never experienced before.

About massage peeling

It acts on the deep dermis without peeling the skin, regenerates collagen and improves elasticity and moisture of the skin.
No pain or downtime, corresponding to a variety of skin troubles with a short time treatment.

Conventional peeling which was basically an image of treatment to promote skin peeling. Using the same peeling agent trichloroacetic acid (TCA), we succeeded in producing completely new effects by using 'PRX - T33' containing hydrogen peroxide (H202).

Please realize by all means by 'peeling of the skin' 'sagging improvement' 'improvement of fine lines' 'whitening' which could not be obtained with conventional peeling. Because there is no downtime, it is also possible to make up immediately after treatment.


Massage peel feeling effect immediately after treatment Improve fine wrinkle and sagging in a short time without down time.

Trichloroacetic acid (TCA), the main component, was popular abroad as a deep healing that penetrates into the dermis. However, on the other hand, because of the downtime and the risk, it was avoided from the Japanese and it was not very common.

'PRX-T33' blends low-concentration hydrogen peroxide (H202) in 33% high concentration TCA, penetrates deep into the dermis without straining the skin, stimulates the skin fibroblasts It strongly promotes collagen production and cell regeneration. It is also called 'collagen peel' because it stimulates fibroblasts and strongly promotes the formation of collagen.

It is recommended for such a person
If you tension and sagging of the skin is a concern
If you darkening of the skin is a concern
If you want to improve the dullness and liver spots
If you wrinkles is a concern

The effect of massage peel


Peeling by trichloroacetic acid (TCA) has existed before. However, using TCA, which was originally used to remove the skin, had the disadvantage of having pain and long downtime.

However, 'PRX-T33' does not cause peeling of the skin by using low concentration hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) while using TCA. Therefore, in a short period of time without any pain, the high concentration of TCA to penetrate to the deep dermis, we were able to produce the effect over conventional peeling.


The figure above is an image of the action of 'PRX-T33'.

TCA and H2O2 formulated in 'PRX-T33' will pass through the skin barrier at different speeds. TCA penetrates slowly and deeply into the dermis from the epidermis against H 2 O 2 which quickly penetrates epidermal cells.

With this, TCA promotes the expression of the growth factor of the dermis without peeling the epidermis, and makes collagen new. In addition, since kojic acid that has the effect of lightening the skin is blended, it can expect to improve spots and freckles and whitening effect.

Flow of treatment

step, 01counseling

In counseling, I will ask you about your skin problems such as skin tightness and fine lines, spots and acne.

step, 02prepare for a treatment

You must do cleansing and facial cleansing yourself.

step, 03treatment

Apply PRX-T33 (peeling agent) to the surface of the skin so that it gently massages.

step, 04after care

You can wash your face, moisturize it is over.
Because there is no down time, you can make it soon after treatment.

Price list

One time
5-times set

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