"Sasayuri Health Clinic" of Izumisano-shi that can also perform beauty & health checkups

Examinations / treatments

Sasayuri Health Clinic provides not only examinations / treatments covered by health insurance but also various medical checkups, cancer examinations, beauty IV that supports your health, weariness-healing IV, hair generation / growth, medical laser hair removal, etc., as the self-funded ones.
Proposals to improve your lifestyle and supports for your physical conditions or metabolism promotion are also provided. In addition, we have introduced breast cancer examinations by female doctors, with our concept as examinations on the level field of our patients. To make your healthy life more wonderful, medical aesthetics and hair growth courses are in store, too. You can surely find examinations / treatments needed for you.

Examinations / treatments covered by health insurance

We provide examinations / treatments in internal /gastrointestinal medicines. If you feel you may have got a fever, your stomach hurts, you feel weary a bit, your anal hurts for hemorrhoids, your blood pressure may be high, so you feel like to receive solid tests once, feel free to consult us; caring light injuries is also provided.

Self-funded examinations / treatments

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