"Sasayuri Health Clinic" of Izumisano-shi that can also perform beauty & health checkups

Health checkup

General health checkup (about 40 minutes)

The checkup that includes tests for lifestyle diseases such as cholesterol as well as hearing / view tests, a checkup that is equivalent in tests to ones implemented in corporations or at school.


Examination, somatometry, blood test (standard, HbA1c, cholesterol included), urine test, electrocardiogram, view test, hearing test)

Health checkup for the younng (about 30 minutes)

Will be the checkup that has the same basic tests in ones done in school.


Examination, somatometry, blood test (simple), urine test, electrocardiogram

Municipality-designated health checkup (about 40 minutes)

For all of those who have joined the public healthcare insurance aged 40-74. A checkup focused on metabolic syndrome, with advices given to patiens with a high risk of lifestyle diseases on how to improve lifestyles.

Tests and fees (when without subsidies from municipality)

Examination, somatometry, blood test (standard), urine test, electrocardiogram

Lifestyle diseases examination A (about 40 minutes)

A checkup with ABI test (ankle pressure index) and PWV test (pulse wave velocity) in addition to the tests of the special checkup focused on metabolic syndrome. The risk of lifestyle diseases and the current level of arteriosclerosis can be known.


Examination, somatometry, blood test (standard), urine test, electrocardiogram, ABI

ABI test (ankle pressure index)
PWV test (pulse wave velocity)

The level of arteriosclerosis shown as numbers by examining blood pressures compared among arms and legs and the velocity of transmission. Implementing this test will detect the degree of arteriosclerosis (aging of blood vessel, etc.) or early blood vessel disorder.

How ABI / PWV examinations will be implemented?

You will lie on the bed looking at the ceiling with the cuffs of blood-pressure meter, electrodes of electrocardiogram and mike for heart beats attached to your arms and ankles; ABI and PWV will be measured at the same time for their results to be made numerical by a computer, taking about 5 minutes.

Lifestyle diseases examination B (about 40 minutes)

A checkup with LOX-index blood test to lifestyle diseases examination A. The risk of getting afflicted with stroke or myocardial infarction will be known well.


Llifestyle diseases examination A + LOX-index blood test

For those concerned about stroke / myocardial infarction
- Lox index -

LOX-index is a test to evaluate the future risk of stroke or myocardial infarction by measuring and analysing sueper-low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LAB or LOX-1 ligand containing ApoB) and the cause of it, sLOX-1, the single test that can evaluate the risk of both of the two at the same time.

By measuring this, the risk of stroke or myocardial infarction will be known for prevention measures to be taken.

Cancer examination (about 40-50 minutes)

Chiefly for those over 40, with standard blood test, blood tests for digestive-organ cancers, prostate gland, womb and tumor markers for ovarian cancer, fecal occult blood, and ABC combined. Abdomen ultra-sonic test and micoarray gene test can be added as options.

Tests & fees


Examination, somatometry, blood test (standard), urine test, electrocardiogram PSA, ABC test, helicobacter pylori, pepsinogen, fecal occult blood


Examination, somatometry, blood test (standard), urine test, electrocardiogram CEA, CA19-9, ABC test, helicobacter pylori, pepsinogen, fecal occult blood

ABC examination (stomach cancer examination)

A test to sort the risk of stomach cancer to A-D by examining whether you have been infected with helicobacter pylori bacteria known to cause stomach cancecr and the degree of contraction of stomach mucous membrane with pepsinogen test.

Recommended to the young who have never received stomach X-ray examination.

This test cannot be a substitute for stomach X-ray examination.

The proper results may not be obtained in the following cases:

#1 Those obviously with upper gastrointestinal symptom
#2 Those receiving treatments for esophagus / duodenum / stomach diseases
#3 Those who have taken stomach-acid secretion supressing internal medicine within the past 2 months
#4 Those who have their stomach cut out
#5 Those with renal dysfunction
#6 Those who have received helicobacter-pylori-bacteria removal treatment

Microarray gene examination (15 minutes)

Will detect cancers in digestive organs with sensitivity of 90%.

Microarray gene examination

Microarray blood examination
(Digestive-organ cancer blood RNA test)
The latest test to judge the existence of cancer at gene level.
# High accuracy with sensitivity of 98% and peculiarity of 92.9%
# Can detect cancers in the early stage, too
# Can conduct tests on 4 sorts of cancer at the same time (stomach cancer, colorectal cancer, pancreatic cancer, bile duct cancer)
# Secure and easy test (just 5ml of blood taken)
# The latest technology (will examine with microarry technology at gene level)

Comprehensive examination (about 40-50 minutes)


Examination, somatometry, blood test (standard), urine test, hearing test, electrocardiogram, ABC test, helicobacter pylori, pepsinogen, fecal occult blood, microarray,Infectious diseases (syphilis, HBV, HCV), ABI

Oligo scan

Tests on minerals & harmful metals within your body

This can measure 20 necessary / FYI mineral elements and 14 harmful-metal elements by just irradiating light on 4 parts on your palm.
You don't have to have your hair or nail cut or blood extracted.

Minerals imperative for maintenance of your health

Human body is consisted of more than 60 kinds of elements with oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, and nitrogen accounting for 96% of the whole, called "main elements", with the rest of 4% accounted for by "minerals".
If these infinitesimal minerals of just 4% do not exist in a balanced way, maintaining health or even life would be impossible!

Both scarcity and too much intake harmful!
Fine balance important!

Minerals play an important role for maintaining health. Even if other nutrients such as protein, fat, carbohydrate, enzyme, or vitamine are taken, without minerals they won't work properly.
While minerals are necessary for human boy, too much intake will lead to over-intake syndrome causing various disorders. For example, too much intake of sodium will cause high blood pressure, or arteriosclerosis.
Thus for each mineral, the balance is important

Harmful metals to be accumulated without being known

Not all of the minerals are good to human body; there are some minerals called "harmful metals" that cause various disorders to human body. For example, mercury, lead, arsenic or alminum, minerals just harmful doing no good.
Taking mercury cause Minamata diseases; taking cadmium will ouch-ouch disease. These harmful metals are included in soil, water and foods. "Harmful metals" are "poison" to human body.

The-path-to-health measurement / diagnosis report

On the first report, the result for accumulated 20 necessary / FYI mineral elements and 14 harmful-metal elements will be displayed.
On the second report, various risks to the conditions of your body likely to take place by the state of those 34 elements will be displayed.

AGEs internal-body saccharification-level (burning) test

Just putting the world's latest "AGEs Reader / AGEs: saccharification meaurement device" on your arm will end the 3-mimnute test! "AGEs Reader" is an excellent system based on the fluorescence spectral method to detect saccharification products accumulated in skin and under the wall of blood vessel, AGEs to calculate its integral data, easy to use, giving out the test result on the spot!

It is not that diseases will come all of a sudden!

It will detect the state of substances to be the cause of diseases (aged substances) accumulated without being known! A test that just requires putting the measurement device on your arm, easy and fast (about 3 minutes) to detect your body's "burning age = degree of aging = possibility of getting afflicted with diseases"!

What is saccharification (burning)?

Saccharification reaction means a reaction of saccharin to be connected with protein or fat without enzyme working. Protein or fat within your body will be connected to saccharin taken through eating or drinking through "saccharification / Maillard reaction" to be affected by oxydization reaction or other to be transformed into substance called "AGEs (advanced glycation end products)" to be accumulated within your body.

The increase in the accumulated amount of AGEs will cause changes to protain and age skin, blood vessel, bones and organs to cause various diseases. For the darkening or lowered resilience of skin as the manifestation of aging, browning (= fleck / darkening) or sclerotic changes due to the saccharification reaction of collagen protein in skin is the main cause, called "the burned state of body (skin)".

Saccharification aggravated will cause various diseases!

Saccharification aggravated might invite serious diseases. To stay healthy forever, know what diseases AGEs (advanced glycation end products) will be the cause for.

How to read the graph of measurement result

The report of measurement result displays a graph shown below.
From your measurement result, extend a line horizontally to the right or left to hit the black line (the average score for healthy ones) and go down vertically which shows your current saccharification age.