"Sasayuri Health Clinic" of Izumisano-shi that can also perform beauty & health checkups

  • About Sasayuri Clinic

    Are there any examinations / treatments to which health insurance can be applied?
    Yes, there are. Health insurance may be applied to what one is applicable to.
    Can I use credit card?
    Yes, you can use one for self-funded sorts and also for ones paid for within the framework of health insurance if more than 10,000 yen.
    Will you charge counseling fee?
    If it is consultation of fee only, it is free. Please contact us by phone or e-mail.

    About health-insuarnce-based treatments

    My kid has got a fever. Can you see him?
    Our hospital does not accept kids aged below junior school graders; visit pediatrics nearby.
    Something wrong with my stomach. I want to see you immediately
    Our hospital does require a reservation; if you come over without one, we won't see you. Call us up once.

    About vaccination

    Can I get vaccination for influenza?
    Yes, you can. But a reservation is needed, contact us by phone in around November.
    Can I get pneumococcus vaccine?
    Yes, you can. Those who are designated for the period of "old-age pneumococcus vaccine intake" by minicipalities are also accepted. A reservation is needed; contact us by phone.

    Health checkup

    How should I eat or drink the day before?
    There are no special requirements or limits, but skip the last meal before the checkup. Even if you take one, it is not that you can't receive it; tell our nurse the time you've taken.
    How long does it take the result of checkup to reach me?
    It depends on the contents of checkup. General blood tests and body checkup only will take about one week; tests involving special ones such as DNA microarray tests or ABC tests will take about 2-3 weeks.
    Can I receive the municipality-designated health checkup?
    Yes, you can.
    Can I receive gastrocamera or colonoscopy service?
    We are sorry, but we don't provide that service. If we think you need it in our place, we will introduce a hospital nearby.

    Breast cancer examination

    Do you have mammography?
    We don't. CBE, or clinical breast examination (by view and touching) and ultrasound examination can be implemented. The ultrasound examination, however, cannot necessarily detect all the cancers; depending on the situation, we may recommend mammography to you.
    If you feel something is wrong on CBE, will you recommend a hospital you are in collaboration with?
    We will recommend a hospital with clinical oncology (for mammary gland) / breast surgeon you can commute to from your home.
    Are all the doctors female?
    One full-time doctor is, at least.

    Medical aesthetics

    I've heard that after a doctor's examination, a specialized aroma therapist will attend me; whereby will you charge an examination fee or else other than for the attendance?
    For the first-timer, the first-time fee; for the second return visit (within 4 months), the return visit fee will be needed (if you exceed 4 months, back to the first-time fee).
    How long does the dental-pulp-stem-cell regenerating-factor beautiful-skin super-growing-younger treatment last on average?
    It depends on your age, eating style or stress, so we cannot definitely answer, but with your weight and body shape held constant, for someone in 50's it should be about 3 years, shorter; for someone in 30's about 5 years.

    IV (intravenous drip) for beauty

    How frequently should placenta or IV be given?
    The frequency we think is most effective is around once a week for the first couple of times; after that, once or twice a month, where we believe if you can combine supplements effectively, just once a month should suffice.
    Will dieting IV or detoxing IV make me slimmer?
    They have effects to promote metabolism or to suppress the abosorption of fat and make it the form to be more easily used as energy. You can obtain a better dieting effect by getting IV in parallel with improving meal contents and exercising.

    Generating factor

    If I am interested in but wondering about whether to take intravenous injection, is there any consulting desk for that?
    You are advised to directly talk with a doctor in connection with the current state of your physical conditions. Make a reservation by phone or e-mail.
    What is dental-pulp-stem-cell regenerating-factor intravenous injection most effective for?
    Since it bolsters cell activities all over you body, we cannot definitely say what it is most effective for, but the parts you may tend to feel the effect most on should be weakening organs or parts where the turnover of cells is fast, for instance, the condition of skin.

    Stain treatment

    I've got chloasma. Can you cure it with laser?
    Because if lazer is irradiated to chloasma, it will in turn become denser, it should never be used for the treatment of it. The basics of the treatment of it are internal medicine or ointment.
    The brown fleck on my temple is irritating me. If I receive your examination, can you irradiate lazer on it on the very day?
    Firstly, we need to judge whether yours is one curable with laser. Even if it is one lazer can be applied to, depending on the ways to irradiate, the methods of care after irradiation will differ; so bring back the notes for that, read and understand them, and then come back to get irradiation on a later day.

    Injection treatment

    Can you provide botox injection or hyaluronic acid injection on the day of examination?
    For the conenience of our medicine management, you can receive one only on either Wednesday or Saturday. The procedure for injection is as follows:
    #1 Treatment policy to be determined upon examination and hearing your problems with your skin or face.
    #2 Explanation on injection treatment and fees to be given.
    #3 Pictures before treatment to be taken.
    #4 The day for treatment to be reserved.
    #5 For you to come over on the day (either Wednesday or Saturday).
    #6 For you to come over again in several days for the effect to be checked; pictures after treatment to be taken.
    How long does the effect of botox last?
    3-6 months. It has to be injected repeatedly.
    Can you give me lipolysis injection on belly or upper arms, too?
    We have different medicines for injection for face and for body in store, where the effects or the number of injections needed differ. See the page for this for detail.

    High-dimension complete medical chekup, Aes-tech

    What can you tell with this machine, after all?
    We can tell your body composition such as body fat percentage, amount of muscle, or the degree of metabolism, the flow of lymph or the fuction of organs.
    It is my first time to receive your examination. I want you to use Aes-tech on me but how much time will it take?
    The examination itself takes just about 5 minutes, but you also have to consider the time for reception, pre-examination, or the explanation on the results; the time for the explanation on the results differs according to the number of check points.
    While I am concerned about whether I have been afflicted with stomach cancer, I hate the agonizing gastrocamera; do you have any other way to find out?
    By the electrical resistence of various organs, we will robustly judge whether they are weakening or in the hyperenergia tendency. We cannot judge whether it is stomach cancer with this machine or this cannot be substituted for a gastrocamera.

    Hair removal

    I think the effect will be individually different, but with 6 times or so will the part be fairly clean?
    5 times would fairly reduce hair but depending on the part it may not be enough. For example, for women's pubic hair, it may require 9-12 times of irradiation; for men's beard, likewise it may about 12 times, but if you just like it thin, just 6 times may suffice.
    For the 5-times course, what interval will be needed until the next session?
    Will you provide cares after treatment, too?
    It differs depending on the parts, but it mostly is about 2 months. Armpit or pubic hair has a long hair cycle requiring about 3-month interval.
    No special cares are needed after treatment; moisturizing at home will suffice. If the flare after laser irradiation is bad, steroid might be applied.
    Is the effect of hair removal semi-perpetual?
    Yes, it mostly is, but if a change occurs to your body such as that of hormone or stress, hair might be regenerated, very rarely.

    Growing hair

    Does this operation entail pain?
    Some feel a slight pain like pricking one with a needle.
    When will I actually start to feel the effect?
    Depends. Some start to notice the change three weeks after the first time at the earliest.
    Is the human dental-pulp-stem-cell regenerating factor used for the growing-hair hybrid course safe?
    Yes, it is derived-from-human immortalized dental-pulp-stem-cell regenerating factor having obtained a worldwide patent.