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All for beauty and health

In modern society, Japan has become the world’s longest-living country, but the number of bedridden and dementia-afflicted elderly is increasing, and the reality is that it cannot be called a country of long and healthy life expectancies.
What does Japan need today to fundamentally solve these health issues?

As a gastroenterological surgeon, I have pondered this question while facing cancer patients and their families every day.
In my search for an answer, I have focused on the need to “improve health while you are still healthy,” rather than “treat when you become ill,” and I believe that this is what is important for modern Japan.


Regenerative Medicine

Recovering natural beauty through regenerative medicine.

Stem cells ( tissue stem cells ) can become various cells in the body . These stem cells also contain elements such as growth factors, exosomes, and cytokines that activate our innate self-repair ability. Due to this function, it is expected that introducing stem cells themselves, or growth factors and exosomes obtained from the stem cell cultivation process into the body will be effective in anti-aging care aimed at reproducing and rejuvenating beautiful skin and hair.

Cosmetic Dermatology and Surgery

Supports both beauty and health.

We offer a wide range of treatments to meet the diverse needs of our customers, from iontophoresis and IPL treatments that even those new to cosmetic medicine can easily undergo, to various injection therapies, thread lifts, and double eyelid surgery.

At our clinic, we provide an objective and accurate diagnosis based on reproducible diagnostic imaging, and we combine multiple devices, oral and topical medications to approach all layers of the skin. Furthermore, our elite team works closely with you to provide skin care guidance and aftercare after treatment, providing customized treatment that will lead to the results you have planned.

Cosmetic Medicine

An approach to beauty from within

Cosmetic internal medicine is a new medical field that enhances vitality at the cellular level from a preventive medicine perspective, and pursues health, youth, and beauty from within the body. We use diet therapy, exercise therapy, cosmetic injections and drips, cosmetic Chinese medicine, and supplement therapy to care for the body from the inside, including mental aspects. “Health” is at the root of “beauty,” and this field plays a role in complementing and supporting the traditional cosmetic medical treatments provided by cosmetic surgery and cosmetic dermatology. We aim to provide safe treatment based on EBM (evidence based medicine), which has been valued in internal medicine.


Various cases that we have actually dealt with at our hospital

We will introduce some case studies and results.

Water Injection

Active ingredients are injected into the skin using special equipment to improve wrinkles, enlarged pores, acne scars, etc.


Ritsuko Maehara

Director of Sasayuri Health Clinic


We are opening our clinic in April 2016 in Izumisano, close to Kansai International Airport. We have been working in clinical practice with a wide range of knowledge, focusing on gastrointestinal surgery, breast surgery, and general surgery. We believe that it is

important not only to “treat patients after they have fallen ill,” but also to “manage their health to prevent illness in the first place, and to detect and treat illnesses early while they are still healthy.” We will continue to do our
best to contribute to the healthy lives of as many people as possible.

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