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stem cell therapy

About stem cell therapy

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Severe pain in joints such as knees and elbows

I want to regain the firmness and moisture of my skin

I want to slow down the aging process

Arthropathy treatment using stem cell therapy [Regenerative medicine: Type 2]

Inflammation is suppressed by injecting stem cells collected from the patient, cultured and expanded in a dedicated facility into the affected area. It is a new form of medical care that aims to restore lost functions by working intensively on worn cartilage and malfunctioning tissues and organs. It is attracting attention as an option for people who have problems with their daily life such as knees, elbows, or shoulders but want to avoid surgery, or for people for whom hyaluronic acid is no longer effective.

Because it is originally your own cells, there are few side effects, and you can hope to improve your symptoms and functions with little to no stress on your body. There is no need for hospitalization. In addition to being an option to avoid surgery, stem cell treatment can be used to prevent deformities from becoming more severe by starting when symptoms are mild.

About fees

stem cell therapy

Umbilical cord stem cell supernatant treatment

¥173,800 (tax included)

Stem cell treatment 50 million pieces

¥1,089,000 (tax included)

Initial consultation fee is not included.
All prices listed for arthrosis are for one knee treatment.



Will the pain disappear immediately with stem cell treatment?


It takes approximately 2 to 4 weeks for the effects to appear. Light exercise is also required for rehabilitation.


Are there any side effects?


In stem cell therapy, cells collected from the patient are cultured and used, so side effects are unlikely to occur, but some patients may feel a little pain or develop a fever after the treatment.


Do I need to be hospitalized for fat harvesting?


There is no need for hospitalization and you can go home the same day. The incisions made during fat harvesting are very small and do not require sutures, so they are protected with special tape.


Can it be administered at the shoulder joint instead of the knee?


No problem. It can be expected to be effective not only for inflammation caused by aging, but also for severe stress and injuries caused by sports.


● About risks and side effects

・In rare cases, internal bleeding or redness around the injection site may occur.

・Swelling and hardness may appear.

It will settle down in about two weeks. (It varies from person to person. It may last a little longer in areas where the skin is thin, such as under the eyes.)

● The following people cannot receive treatment.

– Women who are pregnant, may become pregnant, or are breastfeeding

・Persons with a history of heart disease or cerebral infarction

・Those who are taking medicines that prevent blood from clotting

・Persons with liver disease ・Persons with malignant neoplasm

・Persons with an untreated active infection

・Others who are deemed inappropriate by a doctor