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Immuno-cell Therapy

About immune cell therapy

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I want to prevent cancer without side effects.

I want to increase my immunity and take measures against viruses.

I want to build up tolerance to pollen and allergies.

What is immune cell therapy?

The human body is equipped with something called “immunity” that detects foreign substances and non-self cells in the body and eliminates them. “Immune cell therapy” extracts the patient’s immune cells from the body and provides the best environment for the cells to proliferate, thereby maximizing their number and quality. By returning those cells to the body, the immune system that eliminates cancer cells is strengthened, leading to cancer prevention. The cells that enter the body are originally your own cells, so it can be said to be a gentle treatment for the body without the strong side effects of anti-cancer drug treatment.

We have obtained a type 3 regenerative medicine plan provision number.

Our hospital’s immune cell therapy is a state-of-the-art treatment method that uses the techniques of “NK cell culture” and “activated autologous lymph therapy” to prevent cancer and recurrence. Cancer, which was once thought to be an “incurable disease,” is no longer an incurable disease, as various treatments have been established in recent years. However, these treatments place a heavy burden on the body, including surgery, radiation therapy, and anticancer drug treatment. At Sasayuri Health Clinic, we have introduced this system not for “cancer treatment,” but for everyone’s “cancer prevention,” “prevention of recurrence,” and a healthy lifestyle. If you are thinking about security for your future life, please feel free to contact us.

About fees

Immune cell therapy

First consultation fee (reservation required)

¥11,000 (tax included)

NK (natural killer) cell therapy (1 dose)

¥385,000 (tax included)

Infectious disease test, 50ml blood sampling, immune test (NK activity)

αβ (alphabeta) T cell therapy

¥385,000 (tax included)

γδ (gamma delta) T cell therapy

¥385,000 (tax included)

Initial consultation fee is not included.


● About risks and side effects

・In rare cases, mild fever or pain at the needle insertion site

・A rash may occur. However, it is temporary and disappears in a few days.