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About stem exosome premium injection

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Concerned about wrinkles due to aging?

I want to improve the sagging of my eyes and skin.

I want to strengthen my immunity and maintain a healthy body.

What is stem cell culture supernatant (exosome)?

Stem cell culture supernatant is extracted from the supernatant produced during the process of culturing human stem cells. It is rich in hundreds of types of growth factors (cytokines) and exosomes secreted by stem cells, and is an epoch-making treatment that, when administered to the affected area, leads to the fundamental recovery of weakened functions. You can expect various “anti-aging” effects in terms of both beauty and health.


It is attracting attention as a “next-generation regenerative medicine” that rejuvenates cells by introducing stem cell culture supernatant into the face or scalp, or injecting it into the blood.

There are various types of stem cell culture supernatant used in regenerative medicine, including those derived from umbilical cord, bone marrow, fat, dental pulp, and amniotic membrane. Each type has different cytokines, so each type has its own characteristics.

In our hospital’s exosome therapy (regenerative medicine), we use stem cell culture supernatants derived from human umbilical cord, fat, dental pulp, and amniotic membrane, and use them differently depending on the applicable site.


By injecting stem cell culture supernatant liquid, which is both effective and highly safe, into the body through an intravenous drip, healthy rejuvenation can be expected from within the body.

Exosomes can also be selected as the introduction drug for electroporation, water light injection, Dermapen 4 , etc.

About fees

Stem exosome premium injection (stem cell high concentration culture supernatant)

[Fat] Stem exosome premium injection
(stem cell high concentration culture supernatant) 1A

¥33,800 (tax included)

[Fat] Stem exosome premium injection
(stem cell high concentration culture supernatant) 5A

¥148,500 (tax included)

[Dental pulp] Stem exosome premium injection
(stem cell high concentration culture supernatant) 1A

¥38,500 (tax included)

[Dental pulp] Stem exosome premium injection
(stem cell high concentration culture supernatant) 5A

¥165,000 (tax included)



What kind of effects does exosome therapy (regenerative medicine) have?


Exosome therapy (regenerative medicine) can promote the repair of damaged cells. Specifically, it can be expected to improve symptoms such as rough skin, small facial wrinkles, facial sagging, scars, AGA, fatigue, hangovers, insomnia, stiff shoulders, decreased energy, lower back pain, and sensitivity to cold. However, there are individual differences in the degree of effect and the period until the effect is seen.


Do exosomes have a beauty effect?


Exosomes have been reported to have a wide variety of effects in beauty. Skin care products and treatments that utilize exosomes, such as skin regeneration, wrinkle reduction, and firmness improvement, are attracting a lot of attention in the beauty field.


Do exosomes have any side effects?


Side effects of exosomes themselves are extremely rare and are generally considered safe. However, depending on the individual's constitution, allergies, and the quality of the exosomes used, mild side effects such as skin redness and itching may occur. Use under professional supervision is recommended.


Are there any disadvantages to exosomes?


The disadvantage of exosomes is that it is still a new technology, so all effects and side effects have not been completely elucidated. Also, exosome therapy is not covered by insurance.


Points to note: 1. Some people may not be able to receive treatment.

People who fall under the following conditions cannot receive human stem cell culture supernatant therapy.
If you are considering stem cell culture supernatant therapy, please consult your doctor before treatment.

* Those undergoing cancer treatment

* Those who have recently received cancer treatment

* Those who are pregnant or who may be pregnant


Note ② You cannot donate blood after receiving treatment.

People who have received stem cell culture supernatant therapy cannot donate blood.
Since stem cell culture supernatant therapy is a human-derived product, the possibility of unknown viral infections that cannot be detected by current testing methods cannot be ruled out.
For this reason, the Japanese Red Cross Society refuses blood donations from people who have used human-derived products.