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"NAD+" activates the longevity gene "sirtuin gene"

NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is thought to play an important role in treating various symptoms such as age-related diseases. NAD+ is necessary to activate the longevity gene “sirtuin gene”, but it decreases with age. Therefore, in order to ingest NAD+, “NMN”, which is a component at the stage before NAD+, is effective.

About fees

NMN drip

NMN drip first trial

¥35,200 (tax included)

NMN drip once

¥49,500 (tax included)

NMN drip 5 times

¥198,000 (tax included)

Initial examination fee and re-examination fee are included.


● Risk

 ・Side effects: Pain at the needle insertion site due to the IV drip

 – Rash and vascular pain may occur.