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About velvet skin

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What is Velvet Skin, the highest quality skin treatment?

Velvet Skin is a beautiful skin treatment that combines Dermapen 4 and massage peel. By using Dermapen 4, the active ingredients contained in the massage peel, such as kojic acid, TCA (trichloroacetic acid), and hydrogen peroxide, penetrate firmly into the dermal layer, leaving the skin plump, firm, and smooth like velvet after the treatment. It is this velvet skin that leads to the skin.

About fees

velvet skin

First trial

¥19,800 (tax included)


¥33,000 (tax included)

5 times

¥148,500 (tax included)

Anesthesia included


● Risks and side effects

 ・You may feel hot flashes or tingling sensations during the treatment.

 ・Redness, hot flashes, internal bleeding, swelling, itching, and dryness may occur for several days after the treatment. Also, the skin may peel off.

 ・Since the skin will be sensitive after the treatment, scrubs or skin care products containing alcohol ingredients cannot be used to avoid friction or irritation.

 ・In rare cases, pigmentation may occur.

 ・After the treatment, please take measures against UV rays and avoid sunburn.

 -If you are using tretinoin, hydroquinone, or retinol, please refrain from using them for two weeks before and after your treatment.

● The following people cannot receive treatment.

・Women who are pregnant, may become pregnant, or are breastfeeding

・Those with latex allergies

・Those who are allergic to TCA or kojic acid

・Severely sensitive skin

 ・Persons with skin wounds or skin diseases

・Those who have skin inflammation (atopic dermatitis, rash, herpes, etc.)

・Seborrheic dermatitis areas ・People undergoing oral treatment for acne, etc.

 ・Others who are deemed inappropriate by a doctor