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About TA toning

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What is TA toning?

Melasma is a dark spot that is symmetrical along the cheekbones or below the outer corners of the eyes. TA stands for tranexamic acid, an active whitening ingredient.It is a peel that moisturizes the skin, removes visible pigments, and delivers tranexamic acid and glutathione deep into the skin, which are useful for treating melasma. . Toning is a treatment that brightens the skin tone, using the power of tranexamic acid to whiten and even the skin tone, leading to beautiful skin.


Since no incisions are made, there is less swelling after the surgery, resulting in a natural and beautiful double-layered look. The surgery takes about 5 to 10 minutes and does not require stitches to be removed, so there is no need for a hospital visit.

About fees

TA toning


¥22,000 (tax included)


● About risks and side effects

・You may experience redness or hot flashes on your skin after the treatment.

・Skin may be dry for several days after the treatment.

・Make sure to moisturize and take precautions against UV rays.

・Please refrain from wearing makeup on the day of your treatment.

● The following people cannot receive treatment .

・Women who are pregnant, may become pregnant, or are breastfeeding

・Persons with an untreated active infection

Others who are deemed inappropriate by a doctor