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About RF microneedles

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Acne does not heal easily

Repeated acne and acne scars are noticeable

I want to cure enlarged pores

Concerned about wrinkles and fine lines due to aging?

I want to regain the elasticity of my skin

Efficacy of RF microneedling treatment

For acne that is difficult to heal, we recommend using it in conjunction with needle treatment using the same device as the plasma shower, GENTLO. It treats inflammatory acne and syringoma by directly destroying it using heat generated by RF (radio frequency energy) emitted from the tip of an ultra-fine needle. This heat action sterilizes acne bacteria, shrinks the sebaceous glands inside the skin, suppresses excessive sebum secretion, and improves recurring acne and inflamed acne. At the same time, it is highly effective in treating enlarged pores and uneven acne scars that are difficult to treat.

Furthermore, it is expected to be effective for anti-aging purposes, causing new generation and proliferation of collagen, rejuvenating skin cells from within, and restoring skin elasticity.

About fees

RF microneedle

RF Microneedle [RN] 

First trial ¥11,000
1 time ¥15,400

Plasma + RN needle 1 acne spot

RF Microneedle [RM] 

First trial ¥27,500
1 time ¥41,80

Options plasma

1 time ¥7,920

Introducing agent whitening


Introduction agent Massage peel


Introduction agent Collagen booster


All prices include tax.
Initial consultation fee is not included.
Anesthesia is charged separately +¥1,100



Can I apply makeup immediately after the treatment?


After the treatment, please refrain from washing your face, skin care, or applying makeup for about an hour as the skin is more permeable. After that, it works as usual without any problems.


Do you have any pain?


There are individual differences, but there is almost no pain during the treatment. However, depending on your skin condition, such as dry skin, it may cause irritation. In addition, anesthesia is used for the RF fractional microneedling procedure using a needle. You may feel some pain during the treatment.


Is it effective after one treatment?


Many people feel that their skin feels firmer and moisturized from the first use. Furthermore, by continuing regularly every 1 to 4 weeks, you will notice changes in your skin and continue to maintain the effects.


● About risks and side effects

・Redness and stinging may occur, but this will subside within a few days as the procedure progresses.

・Moisturization and UV protection are necessary, but commercially available sunscreens cannot be used on the day of the treatment as they have increased penetration and may penetrate into the treatment area.

・Please refrain from using irritating ingredients such as scrubs after the treatment.
Risks of microneedle fractional RF treatment only

・You may be allergic to the anesthesia used before the procedure.

– After a few days, scabs may appear in the form of dots.

・You may take a shower on the day of the event, but please refrain from bathing, drinking alcohol, exercising, or using the sauna.



● The following people cannot receive treatment.

・Those who are not feeling well or have a fever

・Those who are pregnant or may become pregnant

・Those who have an infection, wound, or skin disease at the treatment site

・Those with bleeding disorders, keloids, or allergies

・Persons with metal or silicone, such as pacemakers or implants

・Persons with heart disease

・People who are drinking alcohol

・Persons with an untreated active infection

・ Others who are deemed inappropriate by a doctor