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Urine may leak when sneezing or coughing

Urine may leak when you exercise or make small movements.

I feel like water is leaking from my vagina after taking a bath.

Decreased sexual satisfaction or sensitivity

Painful intercourse/sexual discomfort

M'sera (urinary leakage treatment)

Urinary leakage and incontinence are said to be experienced by over 40% of women over the age of 40. Urinary leakage, urinary incontinence, sexual dysfunction due to aging or menopause, and postpartum vaginal laxity can be caused by weakened or damaged pelvic floor muscles.


Emsera uses the latest technology called HIFEM to train your pelvic floor muscles by simply sitting for 30 minutes with your clothes on, which is expected to improve your problems. It is also thought to be effective for urinary incontinence after prostate surgery in men as well as women .


MCERA effectively trains the pelvic floor muscles (ultra maximal muscle contraction) with approximately 11,000 times more exercise than Kegel exercises (pelvic floor muscle exercises) without placing a large burden on the body.

About fees

M'sera (urinary leakage treatment)

Trial 10 minutes

¥2,800 (tax included)

1 course (6 times per week)

1st course ¥59,800 (tax included)
2nd course and beyond ¥49,800 (tax



Will there be any pain during the treatment?


You may feel a tingling sensation and strong contractions of your pelvic floor muscles. there is no pain. The power will be increased little by little and adjusted to suit the patient.


Is it effective after one treatment?


Some patients feel the effects after just one treatment, but by undergoing the treatment 6 times in a short period of time, you will notice an even greater improvement in your urinary problems, and the effects will remain for six months after treatment. continue.


Are there any side effects?


Muscle pain, muscle spasms, and joint or tendon pain may occur, but this usually subsides within a few days. Additionally, by training the pelvic floor muscles that you are not used to using, the muscles may not work properly and temporary urinary leakage may occur. Once your muscles start working, you will feel the original effect.


Can I receive treatment during my period?


Treatment is also possible for menstruating women, but bleeding may increase.


● Risks and side effects – Treatment on areas with melasma may worsen the condition.

・This treatment suddenly strengthens the pelvic floor muscles, which are not normally trained.

After treatment, your muscles may not work properly, similar to muscle soreness after training, and you may experience temporary urinary leakage.

It usually resolves on its own. (Individual differences)

・Please refrain from drinking alcohol or tobacco after the treatment.

・Please try to do some light exercise after the treatment.

● The following people cannot receive treatment.

- Women who are pregnant or may become pregnant

 ・Those within 3 months after giving birth (Applicants can apply from 1 month after giving birth)

・Those using contraceptives

 ・Persons with metal devices such as pacemakers or implants

・Persons with fever ・Persons with malignant neoplasm

 ・Persons with an untreated active infection

 ・Others who are deemed inappropriate by a doctor