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About double burial

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I want to double it, but I'm afraid to cut it.

I want to eliminate the difference between the left and right eyelids.

I want to widen the width of the double

What is double burial?

This method does not use a scalpel, but instead uses a special medical thread that is thinner than a hair to secure the eyelid from the inside. Double eyelid surgery, which gives you clear and beautiful double eyelids and brightens your eyes, is a popular procedure for people of all ages. After listening to your concerns and requests during the consultation, we will use the method most suitable for your eye condition to achieve the eyes you envision. Since no incisions are made, there is less swelling after the surgery, resulting in a natural and beautiful double-layered look. The surgery takes about 5 to 10 minutes and does not require stitches to be removed, so there is no need for a hospital visit.

About fees

double burial

First consultation fee

¥2,750 (tax included)


¥5,500 (tax included)

Base 2-point fastening for both eyes

¥55,000 (tax included)

After the second base point, each additional point is added per eye.

+¥14,300 (tax included)

4-point fastening for both eyes recommended! Beautiful and long lasting

+¥57,200 (tax included)

Price example 1) 3-point fixation for left eye / 2-point fixation for right eye = ¥55,000 + ¥14,300 + initial consultation fee + miscellaneous fees

Price example 2) 3-point fixation for left eye / 3-point fixation for right eye = ¥55,000 + ¥28,600 + initial consultation fee + miscellaneous fees


● About risks and side effects

- Symptoms such as eyelid swelling and internal bleeding may be seen after the surgery, but these will subside in about 2 to 1 week.

 It may take a little longer for people with allergies or who are prone to swelling.

・Please refrain from drinking alcohol, strenuous exercise, or bathing on the day of your treatment as this may worsen the swelling.

・Please refrain from wearing contact lenses for one week after surgery.


● The following people cannot receive treatment.

・Women who are pregnant, may become pregnant, or are breastfeeding

・Persons with an untreated active infection

・Others who are deemed inappropriate by a doctor