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Preventive Medicine

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Latest preventive medicine

At the Sasayuri Health Clinic, we incorporate the latest preventive medicine called supernatant of stem cell culture superior to anti-aging in improving QOL and improving health.

'No abnormalities' in the health checkup is not necessarily 'health'?
Regenerative ability of cell tissues lost with age

In order to maintain health, medical examinations, cancer screening, and human docks are very important as early detection of diseases and health checks at that time. So... 'It's okay because I couldn't find any anomalies' is it true?

Our body consists of approximately 600,000 cells, and we maintain our bodies, repeating that the cells proliferate and multiply, and old cells are dead and replaced with new cells. However, when the age is piled up, the disorder occurs in the cell division even if it lives the same as from the change of the stress and the eating habits, the cell becomes old, the regeneration ability of the organization is threatened, and the trouble such as the sickness is caused easily.

Because it is, our body is 'the state that it needs enough self-management' only by 'there is still no need for treatment' even if abnormality is not found in the checkup.

Only regeneration of the cell is the latest of preventive medicine

Furthermore, even in the 'condition requiring adequate self-management', there is a possibility that the body is already bad for the body.

When the physical condition is bad, the body sends a signature from the body.

This may be a disease reserve army on the near side that takes sickness.

What is required is the latest preventive medicine.

Using the stem cell culture supernatant which is said to be a universal factor that helps the growth of each organ of the body leads to the prevention of diseases and other troubles.

What is the stem cell culture supernatant of next generation regenerative medicine?

Stem cell culture supernatant is a state-of-the-art regenerative medicine, a technology that distinguishes from iPS cells, and it was researched and developed for the purpose of treating diseases in the medical field. Stem cell culture supernatant is a protein born from 'stem cells' that repair broken cells, it is said to be a universal factor that helps the growth of each organ of the body. Simply put, it is the protagonist of regenerative medicine that does not use cells.

Preventive Medicine

The effect of stem cell culture supernatant

Anti-Aging in QOL improvement and health promotion

Preventive Medicine

When intravenous injection is performed 'paracrine effect' occurs. Increased proliferation of stromal endothelial cells and stem cell differentiation capacity, improving blood, immunity and organ regeneration.

Improvement of skin regeneration by ion introduction to lightly peeled skin improves skin trouble and changes into beautiful skin with plump and glossy plump. It will be fun afterwards, and results of other esthetic menus will be easier to come out. It is one of the features that I can feel the effect for a long while there are individual differences in the actual feeling / result.

Preventive Medicine

Please consult who wants to grow hair without body anti-aging medicine while improving the constitution by combining injection into the scalp, ion introduction, in some cases intravenous injection and stem cell culture supernatant supplement etc.

We can also sustain and improve the effect for a longer time by combining home care products, and sustained treatment is also possible for those who are far from easy to get through.

Stem cell culture supernatant that has begun to be noticed now

The physiologically active substance cytokine of stem cell is a physiologically active substance of protein system produced by stem cell and has the ability to regenerate equivalent to stem cell.

This substance is attracting attention as a medicine as the most realistic regenerative medical technology for industrialization.

Preventive Medicine

Stem cell culture supernatant for the next generation regenerative medicine

In the medical world, the discovery of growth factors (gross factor) is famous. In 1986, Dr. Cohen of the USA received the Nobel Prize for the discovery of EGF (growth factor).

The concept of stem cell culture supernatant represents the whole growth factor produced by stem cells. EGF discovered by Dr. Cohen is also one of 500 members of regeneration factor. 'The stem cell culture supernatant has been found to regenerate diversified regeneration from cell regeneration to tissue repair with an all-gloss factor for regeneration of the human body.

It was thought impossible with a single growth factor Regenerative medicine is becoming possible with stem cell culture supernatant.


Of our hospital stem cell culture supernatant

Making stem cell culture supernatant Stem cells are born in various places in the body. You can remove stem cells from dental pulp, bone marrow, body fat, umbilical cord of deciduous teeth, but regenerative power varies depending on each origin. The result of the study shows that stem cells with the strongest regenerative power are dental pulp teeth.

The stem cell culture supernatant adopted in our hospital uses stem cell culture supernatant derived from world patented immortalized human dental pulp stem cell.

General biological products have the disadvantage that product quality varies, but immortalized human dental pulp stem cell culture supernatant is high quality and safe. Originally developed for the treatment of cerebral infarction and spinal cord injury, mild improvement of peripheral neuropathy in diabetic patients has been reported.

Current regenerative medicine is mainly regeneration of organs by ES cells and iPS cells and transplantation of stem cells, but expectation is also given to the stem cell culture supernatant which has cleared the tumorigenicity, ethical problem and cost aspect I will.