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What is regenerating factor...?
The heroine of preventitive medicine that won't utilize cells!
About the effect of stem-cell regenerating factor

QOL (quality of life) enhanced / anti-aging for boosting your health
Intravenous injection will beget "paracrine effect".
With the growth of internal stem cells and ehnanced ramification of stem cells, the regenarating capcity of blood, immunity and organs will increase.

Applying ion to the lightly peeled skin will increase skin's regenerating power to solve skin troubles to make it a firm, elastic and thus beautiful one. After that, skin care itself will be fun, also prompting other aesthetic menus. Results or your sense of achievement may individually differ, but you can sense the effect for a long time anyhow.

If you want to grow your hair with the injection into the skin of your head, introduction of ion, or depending on cases intravenous injection or regenerating-factor supplements combined, while improving your physical condition, without whole-body anti-aging medication, you may come to consult us.

Combining home-care products will sustain the long-term effect enabling those who living far away to receive the sustained treatment, too.

What is the stem-cell regenerating factor our hospital uses?

This regenerating factor has been researched and developed spcifically for the clinical treatment of diseases. Regenerating factor means protein that has stemmed form "stem-cell" that repairs broken cells, considered as the almighty cell that helps various organs of your body grow.

We will tell you the framework for beauty!

3 factors for female beauty:
Hair / skin / inside (cells)
Because your cells are beautiful and healthy…
Beautiful hair and skin can be created, too