"Sasayuri Health Clinic" of Izumisano-shi that can also perform beauty & health checkups

  • Medical hair removal

    Proper treatments by our specialized staff for your own important body
    We will listen carefully to you, provide solid counseling, and implement meticulous, fine, and assuring treatments.
    Secure and trusted lates medical laser
    We are fully equipped with latest medical laser devices that aesthetic salons cannot obtain to enable secure and speedy removal of hair.
    Different from aesthetic / hair-removal salons, medical institutions can provide compelete aftercares.
    We will implement fine counselings to place an importance on communication with our patients, be in your shoes and solve the troubles and uncertainties you are embracing now.
    Hair-removal treatment in an individual room
    We have set up an environment where you can relax and receive treatments. Hair removal with lazer for treatment by our specialized doctors won't entail much of pain, with a cooling system to protect the surface of your skin contained within to make the treatment safe.
    Skin after the hair-removal treatment will be vey sensitive, but our specialized staff will provide meticulous cares with medicine, so you can be assured. We will also convey how to implement cares at home, too.
    Hair has something called hair cycle. Receiving treatments by qualified doctors with solid expertises and abundant experiences and specialized staff trained by them will properly remove unnecessary hair of yours, leading to a state close to semi-perpetual removal.
    The lasers our hospital uses are the latest laser hair-removal device of the world's largest maker authroized by FDA of U.S, Cadela in U.S, developed for medical uses with enough technicalities toward safety aspects. Will irradiate laser while blowing cooling gas to protect the surface of your skin.
    We will remove your hair with the laser with 755mm wavelength, enabling short-time effective removal. The cooling system to protect the surface of your skin is contained within, with the area of laser irradiated at a time larger than other kinds, jell not needed either, enabling speedy hair removal! Removing hair of both of your armpits would just take 10 minutes or so.

    For minors, accompanying parents or parents' consent will be needed.
    Print the PDF file in another window and bring the statement of parents' consent.