"Sasayuri Health Clinic" of Izumisano-shi that can also perform beauty & health checkups

  • Oligo scan

    Tests on minerals & harmful metals within your body

    This can measure 20 necessary / FYI mineral elements and 14 harmful-metal elements by just irradiating light on 4 parts on your palm with no need for your hair or nail to be cut or blood to be extracted.

    The-path-to-health measurement / diagnosis report

    On the first report, the result for accumulated 20 necessary / FYI mineral elements and 14 harmful-metal elements will be displayed; on the second report, various risks to the conditions of your body likely to take place by the state of those 34 elements will be displayed.

    AGEs internal-body saccharification-level (burning) test

    Just putting the world's latest "AGEs Reader / AGEs: saccharification meaurement device" on your arm will end the 3-mimnute test! "AGEs Reader" is an excellent system based on the fluorescence spectral method to detect saccharification products accumulated in skin and under the wall of blood vessel, AGEs to calculate its integral data, easy to use, giving out the test result on the spot!

    How to read the graph of measurement result

    The report of measurement result displays a graph shown below.From your measurement result, extend a line horizontally to the right or left to hit the black line (the average score for healthy ones) and go down vertically which shows your current saccharification age.

    Various beauty Ivs

    Stiff-shoulder healing placenta

    Laennec 1 shot (injection to muscle)

    Stiff-shoulder healing placenta, 5-times set

    Beauty-skin super-placenta

    Laennec 2 shots (injection to muscle)

    Beauty-skin super-placenta, 5-times seet

    High-density vitamine C (12.5g)

    High-density vitamine C (25g)

    Weariness healing / onion injection

    Beauty-skin / hair-growth blended injection

    Vitamine C 500mg + biotin (vitamine H) 1mg

    Dieting IV

    L carnitine

    Detox IV

    Alpha lipoic acid


    L carnitine + alpha lipoic acid


    Alpha lipoic acid + vitamine C 12.5g

    Beauty whitening anti-aging

    Laennec 2 shots + high-density vitamine C 12.5g

    Dental-pulp stem-cell regenerating-factor intravenous injection

    Regenerating factor intranenously injected will highten growth / ramification ability of stem cells within your body to enhance the functions of blood, immunity and organs.

    For the first time


    3-times set

    5-times set

    Vitamine C (ascorbic acid)

    How to inject: intravenous injection / time to implement: 30 minutes

    High-density vitamine C IV that makes your skin beautiful

    Will promote antioxidative effect to give out whitening / beauty effects for your skin, an important nutrient as an anti-aging measure.

    As beauty effects
    # Improvement of fleck / wrinkles / chloasma
    # Whitening / antioxidative effects
    # Promote the generation of collagen
    # Improve acne
    # Tightening up pores

    Also for your health
    # Pain-killer effect / prevention of cancers
    # Detox effect
    # Anti-stress effect
    # Anti-allergy effect
    # Prevention of arteriosclerosis
    # Mitigating variouos symptoms of cold / flu

    Onion injection

    How to inject: intravenous injection / time to implement: 30 minutes

    For onion injection, it is not that onion itself will be injected. Nutrtion agent effectively mixed with vitamine B group and vitamine C effective for supplementing nutrtion to heal weariness, also ingredients of "onion", will be directly put into within your body. Injecting vitamine B1 will heighten metabolism to wash out the accumulated substances causing weariness.

    #1 (Healing of) weariness
    #2 Summer dullness
    #3 Poor circulation
    #4 Stiff shoulder / waist pain

    Biotin (vitamine H)

    An ingredient important for the metabolism of saccharinity, fat, and protein, also playing an important role for the health of skin or hair. Biotin has the effect of mitigating allergic symptoms by generating anti-inflammatory substances; it is related to the generation of protein, activates cells that create skin, promotes the removal of body waste, and works to keep the functions of skin normal; it also has the function to promote the generation of collagen or ceramide (inter-cell fat), improving acne, atopic dermatitis, poor skin condition, or loss of hair. The lack of biotin leads to symtoms such as skin rash, loss of hair, increased gray hair, weariness or melancholy.

    Alpha lipoic acid

    How to inject: intravenous injection / time to implement: 30 minutes

    Alpha lipoic acid is a kind of fatty acid, also known as thioctic acid, a supplementing enzyme that works within the mitochondria of cells. It will bring glucose into mitochondria, promote the regeneration of heat enegy and support metabolism to suppress the increase of body fats. Supplementing alpha lipoic acid will supress the increase of body fats for your dieting effect.

    #1 Those who need help in dieting
    #2 Those who want to prevent obesity
    #3 Those troubled by swollen skin or poor circulation
    #4 Those soon to get tired
    #5 Those who hope for beauty whitening / skin

    ※This IV cannot be given to those using blood-sugar-level adjusting agent, or insulin, due to the possibility of lower blood-sugar level to be incurred.

    L carnitine

    How to inject: intravenous injection / time to implement: 30 minutes

    Carnitine has an effect to lead fats within your body to the outside of cells to trasform them into the form to be more easily used as energy, which will decrease as you age, similarly as alpha lipoic acid will, which will be a cause of obesity. When used with (mixed with) alpha lipoic acid which has the effect to suppress the increase of body fat, further dieting effect can be expected. L carnitine will play a role to take nonesterified fatty acid into the burning system within the body.

    #1 Those with chronic-weariness symptoms
    #2 Those who need to recover from weariness
    #3 Those who need dieting (burning of fat)

    ※Depending on your age or symptoms, we will start injecting with lower amount